Active Transport

Published on Wednesday, 10 February 2016, 4:36 p.m. Print Article

There’s too many cars on our roads creating traffic problems and polluting our beautiful clean air. There’s too many people sitting around watching TV or playing with their devices - we need to get more ACTIVE!!

Our school goal

Our Active transport goal this term is to get 50% of our school biking, scootering or walking to school in one week.

Instead of having an Inter-class competition this term we will be working hard together to achieve our school wide goal.

Each week your class results will be all put together then counted and presented in assembly to see how we are progressing towards our goal.

When we achieve our goal the teachers have a nice surprise for us to celebrate our success.


This week we received class results from 4 classes. Here’s our school wide results for this week;

Scooters = 63

Bikers = 6

Walker's =   28

The total number is 125 people who walked, biked or scootered to school.

This means .17% of our school came to school actively. We are a long way off achieving our school wide goal - BUT we are on our way.

You are invited to join the Walking school bus.

The Park Lane walking bus leaves daily at 8am and is supervised by an adult and some school leaders.

Last year we had another walking school buses leaving from the stadium and travelling down Pages road. This bus may start up again if there is support for it.


Being active is really important for your health and is lots of fun when you do activities with your friends. Sports activities you learn as a child lead to lots of fun when you get older too.