Newsletter Term 1 Issue 3
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2 March 2023

The Gospel Message during Lent offers:
forgiveness for the past;
new life for the present;
hope for the future.

We are already half way through Term 1. Camps and EOTC are finished and students are settled into their new classes. Teachers are updating the students goals in HERO for 2023. After a few year's with lots of restrictions on parents coming into school we would like to welcome parents back in the gate.We invite whanau into our classrooms on Tuesday 14 March between 2.30pm ad 3.30pm to see the classes in action and meet the teachers if you haven’t already

Class Award Winners


Terrific Behaviour
Mercy Shield

Week 3

Charlie Walden
Maggie Wilson
Eva Adams
Liana Wallis
Jacob Chapman
Saxon Milne
Molly Cooper
Mackenzie Bell

Week 4

Nathalie Alcaraz
Digby McNab
Charlie Mason
Solomon Phiskie
Georgie Tarrant
Jack Rosewall
Campbell Brown
Isabella Venmore
Harvey Hood
Fergus Laming

Faith Facts

Week 5

Pope Francis emphasises in the Apostolic letter Desiderio Desideravi, the fact that not only Peter and John [apostles] but all creation, all history we are invited to join the Lord and be present at the table of the Last Supper. “Through the mercy of the Lord, the gift is entrusted to the Apostles so that it might be carried to every man and woman” (DD,3). It is pure gift that we are invited to the table of the Lord in the one and only “last supper” unrepeatable. It is not by our own merits “no one has earned a place at the supper” (DD, 4). Accept Jesus’ invitation to participate in the weekly Mass where we remember Jesus’ actions at Last Supper?

Week 6

Pope Francis reminds us that we are invited to be present at the table of the Last Supper by participating in weekly Mass. “Before our response to the invitation, we need to be aware that every time we go to Mass, we are drawn there by God’s desire for us – God is the one who always takes the initiative always. The Death of Christ is the only perfect sacrifice, hence the “only true act of Worship” (DD,7). The Church celebrates the Mass in respect to the command of the “Do this in memory of me”.

Newly Installed Entrance Gate

We now have a new secure gate at the school entrance.
There will be a gate attendant to open and close the gate between 8.30 and 9.55am.
If your child is going to be late for school, or leaves/returns throughout the day a parent will need to accompany them to open the gate as the lock is very high.
The lock is located at the top of the gate, you will need to push the button down at the same time as lifting the lever.

Colour Run Friday 10 March

Where: Mountainview High School Grounds
Time: 1:30-2:30pm
Children can be picked up from Mountainview at 2:30pm. Please let your child’s teacher know
if you are unable to pick them up.
What should my child wear to the event?
Bring a change of clothes and hat for your child to change into for the event that is sun safe,
and that they can run around in and that you don’t mind them getting colour on!(white is best
is show the colour!)
What should my child bring to the event?
A few things you should pack are:
● A Water Bottle
● Hat
● A Change of Clothes
● Sunscreen
● A Towel
● Snacks
● Sunglasses/goggles (if preferred)
● A pair of sneakers
What if my child has a medical condition? (e.g. Asthma etc.)
For asthmatic children, ensure they have their Ventolin/Asmol and Spacer on them or with a
responsible person.
If anyone else is able to help on the day please email
Thank you, good luck and happy fundraising!
St Joseph’s School Community Group

St Joseph's Day Organisation

On Friday 17 March, which is actually St Patrick’s Day, we are celebrating St Joseph’s Day .
We will start the day with a school Mass at St Thomas’. Please drop students off at the Church between 8.40-8.50 am. Teachers will be present to supervise. Students will be bussed back to school. Yr 6-8 students may bike but parents need to complete the permission question on HERO. All are welcome to join us for the celebration of the Mass.
After morning tea our student leaders are organising tabloid sports for the school.
In the afternoon there will be assembly with Room 1 leading prayers.
Students are to wear school uniform to Mass and bring house colour clothes which are suitable for tabloid sports to change into.

After School Bus

There is a bus every day after school which does a circuit from school up Waiti Road to Gleniti and then back to Roncalli. Students can purchase a bus ticket for $15 for 12 rides or $1.50 a day.
A teacher takes the junior students to the bus daily and checks seat belts etc and takes a bus roll. Please complete the form if your student travels on the bus even if it is only occasionally. There have been low numbers on this bus so far this year so I think the bus company are thinking “use it or lose it”

After School Bus Register

Before School Bus- Metro School Run

This will run Monday to Friday during term time, and does not operate on public holidays. Times listed in timetables are approximate only. Buses will pick up at any bus stop along the route. On streets along the route where there are no bus stops, please stand in a safe, clear, open place and wave to signal the driver to pick you up. We do not recommend that MyWay by Metro is used for school trips at this time.

T1 Service Morning (anticlockwise)

Monday - Friday
St Joseph's School
Benmore Street
Puriri Street
Timaru Boys' High School
Roncalli College
Timaru Girls' High School
Timaru South School
Sacred Heart School
Station Street
Northtown Mall
St Joseph’s School
Mountainview High School

Swimming Sports 24 March 9am-12.30pm Year 5-8

On Friday 24 March Swimming Sports will be held between 9am-12.30pm for Year 5-8 students at CBay. Students from St Joseph’s Temuka are joining us for this event.
Our students will have two practice sessions at CBay on Monday and Tuesday 20-21 March between 9am-10am. Students will meet teachers at the pool and be bussed back to school afterwards.
More information will come out about this soon.

Non Uniform Day

Thank you for your generous donations towards our Non Uniform Day last week. The funds totalled $ 560 and has been donated to the NZ Catholic Primary Principals Cyclone Relief Fund.

Community Notices