Newsletter Term 1 Issue 4
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16 March 2023

St Joseph's Day:

Friday 17th March

School Mass 9am

St Thomas' Church

House Group Tabloid Sports 11am

Room 1 Assembly 2.15pm

Celebrating St Patricks Day

All Welcome

Wear school uniform to mass and bring sports uniform for the sports afterwards.

Class Award Winners


Terrific Behaviour
Mercy Shield

Week 5

Monty Laming
Blake Irwin
Noah Stockwell
Olivia Adams
Oakley Mattingley
Tom Prue
Ava Valentine
Juno Phiskie
Oakley West
Lincoln Brunton
Josephine Feely

Week 6

Pippa Anderson
Coen Tracey
Jed Patterson
Star Hurst
Alfie Chamberlain
Matilda Lee
Jacob Hills
Edwin Thomas
Albie Doran
Aanikah - Atu Timo
Kyara Patel
Ryan Wallis
Elsie McGregor
Lucy Panther
Room 1
Room 1
Room 2

Faith Facts

Week 7

In the Apostolic letter Desiderio Desideravi, Pope Francis says “Liturgy is not about one’s own reasoning or feelings it does not say “I” but “We” – The liturgy takes us as an assembly to the deep mystery of the Word and Sacraments. (DD, 18-19).

Week 8

“The liturgy gives glory to God, not because we can add something to the beauty of the inaccessible light within which God dwells”, but because it allows us here on earth – to see God in the celebration of the mysteries and to draw life from his Passover. (DD 43)

Holy Week Paraliturgy

Thursday 6 April 1.45pm in the Hall

All Welcome

In preparation for Easter students will lead our school community in prayer reenacting the events of Holy week. Parents/Whanau are welcome and encouraged to join us for this liturgy.

EOTC & Camp Thank You

Over the last month our students have benefited from a wide range of experiences outside the classroom on school camps and EOTC days. The learning involved is wide ranging, and although these events take a lot of time and effort to organise they are always worth it. We couldn’t do it however, without the support of you all.
Your role in preparing students, and especially taking leave to participate at camps and EOTC days, is much appreciated and contributes significantly to the success of these events.
We do ask parents to contribute to the cost of the overnight camps and sleep over.
Costs for 2023 Camps
Room 5 $ 85
Room 6 $235
Room 7 $180
Room 8 $235
Room 9 $200

In order to plan for next year's camps and EOTC days we need your feedback on the organisation and communication of the events.
Parent Feedback Form

Newly Installed Entrance Gate

We now have a new secure gate at the school entrance.
There will be a gate attendant to open and close the gate between 8.30 and 8.55am.
If your child is going to be late for school, or leaves/returns throughout the day a parent will need to accompany them to open the gate as the lock is very high.
The lock is located at the top of the gate, you will need to push the button down at the same time as lifting the lever.

Parking Outside School

Our Police Educator and the Road Safety Coordinator have been at school this week working with our Road Patrol Monitors. They spent some time observing outside school at the end of the day and were concerned about some of the parking outside school at pick up time. Please remember to respect our neighbours and not park across their driveways or park on the speed bumps. There is limited parking right outside school so we would encourage you to park a bit further away and walk.
We are also encouraging active transport to and from school encouraging students to walk, bike or scooter even if only for a block. Maybe you could drop them at the top of Kent St or on Pages Road and they could walk, bike or scooter from there.
If you are crossing the road outside of school please use the school patrolled crossing to model safe crossing to our students.

Colour Run Recap

Students and staff alike had a fantastic time last Friday afternoon competing in our Colour Run which was held at Mountainview High School. Thank you to the School Community Group for running a very successful event and raising some great funds towards sports and playground equipment.
Prize ordering closes on this Friday 17 March, so if you are yet to do so, please log onto your profile page at Once logged in click 'Order Prizes' and follow the prompts.
Please find attached a selection of Colour Run photos.

School Community Group

The next School Community Group Meeting will be held on Thursday 23 March 2023, 7.30pm at Benny's Again. Please feel free to come along.

Sports News

Please make sure you have filled in the form for the Swimming Sports (Year 5-8 students only). If your child is not participating in swimming practices or the swimming sports please email their teacher. This is really important as your child will still be required to be at school at these times.
Swimming Sports Form

Swimming Sports Practices

Year 5-8 will be practicing for the swimming sports on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st March at CBay. Please drop your students to CBay between 8.40am- 8.55am each morning. They will be bussed back to school. They can wear sports uniform to school on these days.

Swimming Sports Friday 24 March

All Year 5-8 children participating in School Swimming Sports need to be at CBay at 8.55am on Friday 24th March.They will be transported back to school at 12.30pm. Sports uniform is to be worn on this day.
Parent help, as timekeepers, is needed so please indicate on the Swimming Sports form if you are able to assist. Thank you to those who have already indicated they can, your help is much appreciated.

Casserole Club

St Joseph’s Casserole Club is a roster for anyone wanting to volunteer to cook a meal/baking for families within our school community.
Volunteers are usually called upon approximately twice a year to make a simple dish for another family.
We are running a little short on volunteers, so If you would like to add your name to the roster, please complete the Casserole Club Volunteer Form-or call the School Office
on 03 688 1376.
Also, please contact Karen in the office if you know of a family whom we could help e.g. a new baby, severe illness, bereavement etc.

Maths : Ideas to support students at home

Our staff have been focussing on teaching maths in a way that engages all students. As part of this, rapid routines (short inquiries) are being introduced which provide opportunities for students to develop explanations for how and why they work through maths problems.
Our focus is on HOW students work through a problem and WHY they get there. This focus is because research demonstrates that students retain maths knowledge if they develop deeper understandings about maths processes.
As such, feel free to chat to your child about what is happening in maths and talk about the moveNprove activities which have been happening in classrooms. MoveNprove activities require students to be asked a question and then move to a corner of the room which represents the multi choice answer (a, b, c or d) that they think is correct. They can choose to go to the middle if they are unsure. Students discuss and defend their choices. The following moveNprove is for Years 4-6, but can be adapted for other Year groups. You might like to try this with your family!

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club orders close Friday 24 March 2023
Please get your orders in, and let us know if you are purchasing as a gift for your child, so that we can contact you to pick your purchases up, rather than sending home with students.

Community Notices